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McLaren Honda Best Engineered Car Award

Pirelli Best Research & Development Award

2015 Canadian National Champions

Laminar Flow


  1. Flow in a viscous fluid where movement occurs in parallel layers. Laminar flow is characterized by smooth uninterrupted streamlines and contains no irregular fluctuations or turbulence.

The Team:

Laminar Racing is a team of four grade 12 students from Bert Church High School in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. In our inaugural season in F1 in Schools, we won the title of Canadian National Champions enabling us to represent Canada at the 2015 F1 in Schools World Finals in Singapore. At the world finals we won the awards for Best Engineered Car and Best Research & Development, in addition to placing 12th of 47 teams. We're very proud of all we've learned and achieved!

Joel Merrifield

Team Manager & Chief Designer

Laidan Besler

General Manager

Nate Logan

Marketing Manager

Christopher Le Cheminant

Chief of Manufacturing

Laminar Racing Featured on CTV News:

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